Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Two: Lessons learned

Ok, I am pretty sure that pizza from last night was from last October. I got pretty sick after eating it. From now on I will eat nothing but fresh fruits and veggies while Sarah is away. And by fresh fruits and veggies I mean the frozen burritos that I found this morning while digging through the freezer.
Word of my temporary bachelorhood is percolating through the social circles here in Salt Lake. This afternoon I got a call from a friend I haven't heard from since I saw him at my wedding reception and he said "You've changed man! You betrayed the trust, we were going to party forever and never let girls tie us down, you are dead to me!" He was having a party tonight to watch the Suns/Lakers game and now that I was cool again I could come over.

I got to the party kind of late because another single friend of mine, Trent, called and wanted to grab dinner. There was a bit of an altercation at dinner which resulted in an unexpected trip to the emergency room, but in hindsite going to dinner at a biker bar will probably end that very same way nine times out of ten. I told Trent I had dislocated my shoulder several times and I could pop his right back in for him, but he was acting like a baby and wanted a doctor to do it so that cost us about an extra hour. Oh, and just one bit of advice, if you are going to grab a bottle and smash it on the bar to brandish as a wepon like they do in the moves, you have got to really hit that that thing hard because they do not break easily. But I digress...

So I showed up at my buddies house just in time to catch the fourth quarter. The Suns put a great run together to tie it up with just a few seconds left, but the hated Lakers were still able to pull out the victory. The game was really disapointing, but it was still really fun to see some old friends that wouldn't talk to me after I got married. They told me how sweet life was and how much fun they were having, but I have to admit as I looked around there crappy house I was pretty glad I was married. Maybe you don't notice this stuff when you are single, but when you get married you get use to living a certain way. For example, Kyle was showing me this "sweet new couch" he "just scored off off the steet" and he couldn't believe that someone would throw away. Well the couch had stains all over it and stunk, and I am pretty sure there was racoon living somewhere in it. Kyle didn't seem to worried about that. It is also nice when you are married that every horizontal surface in the kitchen isn't covered with dirty dishes. Maybe Kyle is right and I am just getting soft, but I do like being a married guy. I thought you would like to see a picture of the bachelor pad and what I am missing:
It's not just the clean, nice house that makes married life a good fit for me, it also gives me direction. Like today I forgot to brush my teeth. No joke. I left the house this morning with a protein shake in hand. As I was heading out the door I thought "grab your tooth brush and brush when you get to the office. So I did, but the tooth brush just sat on my desk all day until I grabbed it to leave. Also, without Sarah the mail is piling up unopened. There are bank statements and bills from the water company and "final notices" from the power company. I am glad she will be home next Saturday to take care of all of this. Well, tomorrow is Friday so I am hoping to have some fun this weekend.


Sally said...

Oh my hilarious!

Sarah is one amazing girl. You might want to check out Orson Scott Card's latest article:


Dude, I now understand what you were doing while we were waiting for you in our little Suns/Laker steak party!! you punk!!! ;) JK we missed last night. Jeremy and I understand!!! we are sad but we understand you have cooler friends ;) love it!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I got up and expected to find a new posting this morning. Let's get with it. You've got a readership that your are letting down. mom