Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Brief Update

Life is busy …and I have been a bit of a blog slacker, but here is a bit of what we have been up to:

Chris is half done with his MBA program, so between now and when we leave for his internship he just doesn’t have a whole lot going on. He spends his days sleeping in, surfing the internet, mountain biking, taking afternoon naps, and forgetting my kind reminders about our piles of laundry that he could attend to during commercial breaks…

(just kidding-he actually did all the grocery shopping, and spent much of last week putting together a rather involved spreadsheet tabulating the regression analysis of mountain bikes' weights vs. inches of travel, why you ask? I, for one would love to know)

We have been very busy getting our ducks in a row for our move. We leave in less than a month and are quite excited for the adventure!! As it turns out my job is going to let me stay on and telecommute from Michigan-an enormous blessing that I just couldn’t be more grateful for!

I better get my fill of Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch in now…ha ha before I am counted as being disloyal (he is interning with Kellogg’s marketing department-and most cereals I like happen to be General Mills).

p.s. I have many other pics and updates I have been meaning to post-and I’ll get to them when I can…

Just Hanging Out

Another pic of Kailee, Amy and me-here we are hanging out at Amy's new house for the first time.

We took probably 20 shots before we could get a pic of us with Harper and Izzy, with everyone looking at the camera, and no one crying. At the time it seemed a futile endeavor, but here it is! I just had NO idea how tough it is to take pictures of kids!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Very Close Call for our Ru

Last Saturday Ruby made an extremely narrow escape from getting hit by a car, which at the speed it was going, would most likely have killed her.

As she and Chris were crossing at a crosswalk, a distracted minivan driver came speeding across and slammed on the brakes just in time to run over Ruby's front paw!!

I am extremely grateful that Ruby (and Chris, of course) are okay...all you pedestrians and drivers alike, be careful out there!!

Marin, Kimmy, and me

A few weeks ago Kim and I reunited with Marin, who we haven't seen in several years. Mar hasn't lived in SLC since around 1999 and I have missed her very much. It was so fun and refreshing to hang out, catch up, and especially to realize that although very much has changed, there are certain friendships which no separation, be it distance or years will diminish.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Off to Orange Beach!!

I am ecstatic to be getting out of town for a real beach vacation!!

...And also heartbroken to be leaving behind my bookworm of a husband. He can't miss so much as a single class, let alone a solid week of school, but when my dad invited us to Orange Beach, AL for a week's vacation I jumped at the chance!! I don't know the first thing about Alabama, or about the Gulf Coast for that matter...but I heard the words "white sandy beach" and immediately began arranging to get time off from work.

With that being said, I'm not exactly sure that Chris would know what to do with himself for a solid week of slow paced/lounging/sleeping in/shopping/eating too much/loose itinerary-type of vacationing.

...he prefers the type of vacation where you spend your days rising at 6 am to engage in some sort of death-defying, physically exerting activity, barely break for lunch, and then resume said activity until daylight expires-great fun, great fun, don't get me wrong...but I believe that sometimes, you can return from such a vacation, NEEDING another vacation.

I plan on taking this opportunity to be utterly unproductive and lazy.

Anyway...BON VOYAGE!