Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 5K

Jeff, Erin, me, Mary and Steve (Chris' brothers, sister and sis' in law) did a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. Don't we look great? (note turquoise headband)


As Thanksgiving dinner was being prepared Ruby lingered around, watching for rare moments when the dishwasher door was open so she could lick up all that yummy stuff.

U Game

Here we are at the U vs. New Mexico game. Sweet Chris spent the entire game re-explaining football for me, play-by-play, and making sure I was having fun. I'm not proud to admit that I've never really liked (or understood) football...but I'm working on it.

More Europe pics...

Pretty little vineyards were all over the place in Ravello, Italy
Boat ride to the island of Capri
A plaster-of-paris mold of a body found at Pompeii
The Colluseum, Rome
We trekked all our gear on foot to church one morning to find the building empty-it was Stake Conference.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The pup grows up...

I realize it's very cheesy and a little pathetic to post so many things about a dog...but we don't have kids yet...please humor me. The truth is that Chris let us get Ruby to appease me. I kept bugging him about having a baby...finally one day he said "no, but maybe we can get a dog."


In Interlaken we went canyoning. It's basically sliding down natural waterfalls and jumping off cliffs into pools of water. It was such a rush!! Here we are suiting up.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Chris bungee jumped out of this tram-a 450 ft drop. I valiantly stayed behind to take pictures.

Amalfi Coast

My Dad got married this summer on the Amalfi Coast in Italy-we got to tag along. It was the most beautiful place in the world. Here are some highlights. (photo 1-Chris and Sarah; 2-Infinity Pool; 3-The sisters: Rachel, Sarah & Lindsey; 4-my dad jamming on the drums).

Puppy's First Bath

Ruby rolled in something stinky so we gave her her first bath.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ruby Sue

This past August we were browsing the internet and came across an ad for lab puppies. We made the mistake of going and looking at the dogs... there was no turning back after that. This is our little Ruby girl on the day we got her. She's the sweetest thing! We love our lil' Ru-bear!

So I've started a blog...

Hello all! I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog. Chris and I have been married a little more than a's been a blast and a ton has happened-he's back in school, I stopped teaching and got a new job, we moved to Draper, became parents (well dog parents... that counts I think) name a few things. This is us on our Italy/Switzerland trip we took this past summer.