Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Some favorites that Lily has picked up recently:

mow (as in rhymes with cow) = cat. Supposedly lives under all beds and tables and any piece of furniture. Lily checks several times a day, calling out for the "mow."

coke = what Mom is always drinking, i.e. the drink that you aren't allowed to taste

shat or zat = "what is that?" She points at anything and everything and asks us "shat?" At first Chris thought I had taught her a naughty word.

beebee = blankey. She literally lights up and fills with pure joy at so much as the sight of her "beebee."

guy = her weird three eyed dog, alien looking stuffed animal, which she sleeps with. I once asked her "who is this weird guy?" and it stuck so now she calls him "Guy." It cracks us up at night when she starts asking for "Beebee and Guy."

She is literally picking up a word or two every day and it amazes me that half the time, they are words I didn't directly teach her. I love watching her grow and learn and develop her own personality traits and preferences. This kid cracks us up!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Vegas Baby!

A few weeks ago I went on a weekend girls' trip with two of my best friends, Amy and Kailee to Vegas Baby! Our husbands held down their respective forts, kids and all (they are awesome!!), while we girls had as much fun as three married, mormon moms could possibly have! ( we are also awesome and very deserving) The pictures speak for themselves but I will just say it was an absolute blast! It felt great to have some time to relax, talk without interruption, shop without interruption, swim, sleep in, get a little pampered (well maybe a lot), and spend quality time with great friends!
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