Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Snow! Awesome!"

That's all Lily could say yesterday when we received the first snowfall of the year, "Snow! Awesome! Snow! Awesome! Snow! Awesome..." She was purely delighted with everything about snow: touching it, eating it, throwing it, walking in it-- and it was purely delightful to watch her discover it! It brought back such vivid memories of being a kid. I love those moments where I forget about laundry and messes and what to make for dinner and just bask in her pure innocence and joy...those moments where I get a little teary-eyed because everything comes together and I stop and remember what life is all about--sorry to get cheesy on you here. (Note to self: have more of those moments) You may be able to tell from the pictures that she did a lot of eating the snow. Someone taught her that that's what you do...(Not thrilled about that one Chris)



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Lily's latest love... shoes. It cracks me up to watch her line all of our shoes up and then try each pair on. And my favorite is watching her throw a tantrum when the shoes are too cumbersome to walk in and she falls over (I love the kid, but some things are just funny)