Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!

2008 in a nutshell:

Chris studying day and night * Moab trips * 4- day cross-country drive to Michigan * Summer in Kalamazoo * Eating lots of Kellogg's cereal * Cheez-its * Ruby learns to swim * Hanging with Mark and Kat in Chicago and Nauvoo * Chris on the set of Good Morning America * Learning of our baby-on-the-way * Meeting new friends * Saying good bye * 2 1/2 day cross-country drive home from Michigan * Announcing our pregnancy * Summer Olympics * Lots of mountain biking for Chris * Lots of being lazy for Sarah * Lots more studying for Chris * Celebrating our 2 year anniversary * The arrival of our new niece, Ginger * The announcement of another Backman baby * Finding out our "it" is a "she" * Lots of skiing for Chris * No skiing at all for Sarah * Sarah getting enormous...and terrified of getting any bigger * Utes go undefeated!!! * Chris being 3/4 done with Grad school!!! * Good times with loved ones * Much anticipation for the future!! * Farewell 2008 * Happy 2009!!!

Christmas: Part II

My dad's side of the family came into town on the 26th to celebrate Christmas and to have a family ski vacation. We usually go visit them in Atlanta for Christmas and I have been begging my dad for the past five years to come here and ski instead. It figures that my dream finally comes true and I can't ski!!

Me with my sisters Rachel and Lindsey

Dad and the girls

Chris and Tammy

The fam playing Texas Hold 'Em

Me: 29 weeks and as big as a house!

Christmas: Part I

Our last childless Christmas

Me: 28 weeks; Whit: 18 weeks

Chris' mom put candy cigarettes in each of our stockings. Here is Jeff lighting up.

My adorable grandma Maggie in her Christmas day outfit