Friday, April 4, 2008

Off to Orange Beach!!

I am ecstatic to be getting out of town for a real beach vacation!!

...And also heartbroken to be leaving behind my bookworm of a husband. He can't miss so much as a single class, let alone a solid week of school, but when my dad invited us to Orange Beach, AL for a week's vacation I jumped at the chance!! I don't know the first thing about Alabama, or about the Gulf Coast for that matter...but I heard the words "white sandy beach" and immediately began arranging to get time off from work.

With that being said, I'm not exactly sure that Chris would know what to do with himself for a solid week of slow paced/lounging/sleeping in/shopping/eating too much/loose itinerary-type of vacationing.

...he prefers the type of vacation where you spend your days rising at 6 am to engage in some sort of death-defying, physically exerting activity, barely break for lunch, and then resume said activity until daylight expires-great fun, great fun, don't get me wrong...but I believe that sometimes, you can return from such a vacation, NEEDING another vacation.

I plan on taking this opportunity to be utterly unproductive and lazy.

Anyway...BON VOYAGE!


Outdoors with Aaron said...


chris said...

What! Making fun of my vacations? You don't get to come on my Moab trip in September. You are going to be so sad, we are doing a few 30 milers.

Catherine said...

That sounds like my kinda vaca! I hope you are taking pictures

Katherine said...

wow, the kind of vacation you are talking about sounds a lot like the life i have been leading since moving, except i don't have good weather. i'm just stuck in the house being completely unproductive which i actually really liked at first, but it gets old. i am quite looking forward to starting work next week. and also to seeing you and chris this summer! glad you have a chance for a break from work:)

Jules said...

Wow! Sounds like my kind of vacation! Unfortunately I'm stuck here in P-Town being a bookworm like your hubby. Chris is in my field study group and gave me the link to your blog. It rocks! I'll keep reading. Have fun on your trip! :)

Outdoors with Aaron said...

are you freakin back yet!!!!!!!! get home woman! it's weird knowing you're not just a 20 minute drive away, it makes me me soon!