Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day One: Adventures in Dining

One of the major hurdles I will need to overcome while Sarah is away is the budget she has me on. Sarah runs the bank account for the family. At the first of each month she gives me money in my own little account to pay for gas and to maybe eat out once or twice for lunch while I am at work. The amount of money she gives me barley covers one trip to the gas station, much less the three I usually have to make in a month. Going out to get lunch isn't even an option most months. Because of this I have had to come up with creative ways to make money so I can get to work and eat. I play in a pretty competitive dice game about twice a week that is held in a back alley somewhere in Salt Lake (I can't give the exact address because the police will come and hassle us). Playing in this game usually gives me just enough money to make it through the month without selling my plasma to a blood bank. Here is a photo of a recent game, I am not in the photo because I took the picture:

So, how does this tie into my post about life without Sarah and Lily you may ask? And my response would be: "Why don't you quit interrupting me and let me finish?" Last week, I had a rough game, the guys took me to the cleaners and I am flat broke until Sarah, like a benevolent benefactor, places my monthly allotment into my account at the first of the month. This means it will be four days until I have any money to buy food. Luckily, the refrigerator is pretty full of food, so I think I will probably make it to the end of the month.

For dinner tonight I dug around in the frige for about 15 minutes before I found anything that looked appealing. Way at the back, under a bottle of marciano cherries (which, by the way I have no recollection of eating anything with marciano cherries as an ingredient as long as I have been married. I have to assume the cherries were the property of our homes previous owners) I found a pizza box!

Unable to believe my luck I flung the lid of the box open to find two pieces of pizza! I hadn't eaten since lunch and it was approaching 9 pm, so needless to say I was hungry enough road kill. As I was putting the pizza into the microwave the thought entered my mind that I hadn't had a pizza from Big Apple since some time last fall when I had ordered one to watch some college football. I was pretty sure this wasn't the same pizza, so I went ahead and enjoyed my dinner. There was a bit of a funny taste, and as I am sitting here to write this my stomach is rumbling a bit, but I am pretty sure I will be fine.


Jules said...
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Jules said...

Sarah sure is brave to let you hold down the fort all by yourself. Thanks for the entertaining post.

Caroline said...

"Why don't you quit interrupting me and let me finish"--Although I'm not sure I ever heard this EXACT phrase from you in school, this takes me right back to section 3! Ah, the good old days! Glad you're surviving.