Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Skiing

Last Saturday we had a Snowbird spring ski day with our friends,the Budges.

TJ and Chris have been close friends since they served their missions together. He and Heidi live in Idaho and we have been trying to plan a group ski day (meaning the girls are invited) for at least 2 years. Well we finally did it and the snow was great!

We only wish that Chris' boots fit correctly so that we could have skied more than 4 runs. {One of his boots broke a few weeks ago and he's stuck wearing some old, ill-fitting ones until the manufacturer sends a replacement pair}

Me and Heidi. We had a blast together; not to mention a total workout trying to keep up with our husbands.


T.J. said...

Pretty sure Chris brought his old boots on purpose so he would have an excuse to quit usual.

Katherine said...

looks like fun. we are so excited for you guys to be out here closer to us! and that is so great that you can telecommute with you job.

brandon & alisa said...

I know you left me your email somewhere in the comments of my blog, but I forgot to write it down and forgot which post. :) Email me. alisakesler[at]yahoo[dot]com

Let me know when you get to MI for sure.