Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Last Hurrah

The weekend before we left we had one last hurrah in Moab. It turned out to be a blast. Chris, his bro Steve, and a friend rode one of their big scary rides and Mary (his sister) and I did our own ride.

At first I was stressed about the timing of the trip with our move on the horizon, and with my needing to square away a bunch of stuff at work, but it was short and sweet and a ton of fun. It was also great for Chris to get one last chance to do what he loves before his 3 month hiatus.

We actually bought a new bike rack with the plan of bringing our bikes to Michigan, but alas he didn't want to worry about his bike being stolen or about schlepping our bikes in and out of motel rooms across the 6 or so states we had to travel, just for some mediocre biking.


Catherine said...

Chris you look like dad in this picture.

chris said...

You better shut up Mary

Heidi & T.J. said...

It sounds like a sweet little adventure for the two-er three-of you. Nice pad, good road trip, how fun! I'm a little jealous still sitting here in Poky-paradise.