Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Pad

Our apartment complex is great. It has a 24 hour gym, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and is surrounded with some great running trails that Ruby and I hit every morning. It also has lots of pretty ponds. Swimming has become Ru's favorite pasttime. If we are within sight of any body of water and she is off leash,there is no keeping her out of it.

Our building, we are on the third floor.

At first we thought it would be terrible with taking Ruby out, but it's actually great. We already have a schedule of a run in the morning and a long walk at night just to keep that active thing from bounding off the furniture. She does her business then--So the only time it's a little rough is first thing in the morning-but hey it gets us up, right??

My "home office"

The Kitchen

Another view

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