Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Six: Things Get Worse Before They Get Better (I Hope)

I usually update the blog at the end of the day, but for you astute readers you will notice I am updating the blog at 9:15 am. You may be asking "Why the change Chris?" The answer is simple really, I don't have power at my house and therefore can not use any non-battery powered electrical devices. Now you might be thinking to yourself "Man, his life just can't get any worse." And my response would be "You got a lot of nerve buddy judging me like that." But in fact my life can get worse, and is, in fact, worse.

So yesterday morning I could not find my house keys. They turned out to me in the permanent possession of a former friend. This curious turn of events brought about the challenge of getting into the house. What made the most sense is to see if any of the basement windows had been left unlocked, and if one had simply slide it open and climb in. I checked all the windows and they were all locked. This was a bit of a set back in my plan of gaining entrance to my house. The situation was getting a bit grim at this point, because it dawned on my that my list of possibly options was rapidly dwindling. So, it was with great resignation that I scoured my yard for a rock big enough to perform the task at hand.

Let me just segway for one moment and give a friendly bit of advice: If you ever need to bash open a window in your house with a rock make sure you are small enough, or the window is large enough for you to fit through.

I found a rock with good heft and a point on one end that looked like it was designed for bashing. The window was surprisingly strong, and it took a couple of smacks(and several "lacerations" as they call them in the emergency room, to my hands)before both panes broke, but they finally did. Success! I would be in my house in no time! Except for the matter of not checking that I could fit through the window. I couldn't.

Back to square one. I knew I could fit through the kitchen window, so I bashed that one open after a few more tries and lacerations. I climbed through the window into the house. As I was triumphantly surveying my castle from the inside I noticed something that made my heart stop beating for a moment and almost all resolve leave my soul. The latch to lock the kitchen window was in the open position. I could have just slid the window open and climbed in without bashing any windows and without slicing my hands open even once, much less several times.

In a state can that only be described as pure dejection I walked over to the wall to flip the light on (since it was dark by the time I had finally gained entrance). Yep, the power company had come and turned the power off. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

As I sat in the dark, bleeding and quietly crying to myself the thought entered my head "Well, at least it can't get any worse than this."


Clint said...

Thanks for taking your blog off of private so I can read your posts again on Google Reader.

Great to read what you're up to (or at least what you're telling stories about)

Take care!

Chris said...

Thanks Clint. Good to hear from you. The stuff Sarah writes is true.

kat said...

you may think I was completely gullible for even asking if this was real, but the first few days seemed like they were mostly true with some fiction mixed in, so I wasn't completely sure.

Chris said...

Not at all Kat, I am happy my writing is believable. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

And then what happened?