Monday, November 10, 2008

Utah Sports

We were lucky enough this week to score tickets to the Utah vs. TCU game and also to the Jazz vs. Thunder game--thanks to the Backmans and the "Other" Johnsons.

The Blackout was probably the most exciting football game I have ever been to. I am majorly bummed that I left my camera in the car and was unwilling to go back for it. Seeing an almost full stadium of crazy Utes wearing black was awesome--and the fact that we won was even better!!--Thanks Mike and Whit!

Kailee, me (and my big 'ol belly) and Amy at the Jazz game

Aaron, Chris, and Thayne

--Thanks Kai and Thayne!!

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cbracken said...

Sarah, you look great! How fun! Glad you guys got to enjoy the game!