Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I spent last weekend visiting my sister Lindsey, who goes to Bowdoin College in Maine, and also surprising my Dad who went to visit Lindsey but had no idea I would be there. Maine was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in the fall.

Me and Linds on the gorgeous Bowdoin campus

More of Bowdoin-I must mention that the place reminded me of Hogwarts for several reasons:

*The campus is full of really old castle-like buildings and cathedrals

*The studetents are all affiliated with social houses with names like Howell House and Quinby House

*The students eat every meal together in a large dining hall

*While walking through their student union building I saw a sign that read "Quidditch Tryouts"-no kidding. Apparently they hold a quidditch tournament every year. They run around on brooms while other kids try to knock them down while searching for a penny "the golden snitch" in the grass

*The kids there all have rosy cheeks and wear lots of scarves-one guy in particular was wearing a thick, long black and white striped scarf with a Bowdoin insignia

Breakfast at the Bruswick Diner

Walking in "The Quad"

Dinner with me, Tammy, Lindsey, her boyfriend Ben, and my Dad


Aaron & Amy Norton said...

yay, a comment when you get home from the game. I hope you're not frozen to death if you actually chose to go-you're a champ if you did! I love your blog! Are you doing weekly profile shots of your tummy, you totally should, start right now!

Ashley said...

What a FUN trip - it looks beautiful back there! You still aren't showing!!

The Prestons said...

What a cool campus! I'd love to visit!

cbracken said...

Awesome - I would love to visit that place - Gorgeous! Happy baby baking and hope your autumn continues to be happy.

kat said...

I am finally reconnected to the internet so I can read your blog. That really does look like a beautiful campus! I love Ruby's bee costume. I will send you that picture as soon as we find the cord to import photos from our camera to the computer. It was so fun to see you guys last week!