Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chris on the set of GMA

Well Chris survived The Big Apple and here he is on the set of GMA with "The Big Cheese." A professional cheese carver carved a sculpture of the signing of The Declaration of Independence out of a 2000 pound block of cheddar cheese as part of the new Cheez-it campaign--those of you who may have missed it, unfortunately didn't miss much. It was a very busy news day on the 3rd with the Colombian hostage situation, and there wasn't time for the actual interview and unveiling--I guess that's part of show business. It was a bummer to say the least...but Chris, his team, and the cheese made another stop in Philadelphia where they had a few successful PR events and were able to get some local news coverage.

Here is a shot from behind the cameras---ya know, just to prove he was there.

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cbracken said...

Soo exciting! I think that would be a ton of fun...even if you didn't get to be inteviewed..just seeing it all live in NY!