Friday, June 27, 2008

Passive Agressive Pup

Here is Ruby posing sweetly by the blinds she tore down when we left her alone to go to church last Sunday.

We thought she had warmed up enough to being alone that we could sleep in until 8 and forego her morning walk before our 9am church. And we did deviate from our normal routine by accidently leaving the bedroom door open when we left...silly us. I guess it's possible that the cheap things came down by accident, but their bent and chewed up condition lead us to believe she did it for spite. We thought we had seen the worst of it when we came home a few days ago to an empty butter dish sitting on the counter...not so...oh and the curtain you see in the picture is actually our disassembled shower curtain.


Katherine said...

Oh boy, Ruby completely changed my outlook on having a dog, but now she's being so mischievous!
Sorry about the blinds. How are you liking Michigan so far?

cbracken said...

She is just so cute lookin' up at you...but I would have to agree, she does look guilty. Sigh...I know she'll feel at home sooner than later.

Joan said...

well, at least she is cute. I say that about theo all the time.