Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oops...I did it again

No I didn't shave my head, forget to wear my unmentionables, attempt to drive with an infant in my lap or "go crazy"

I went brunette. Very dark brunette. There are several self-taken pictures of the new look sitting in my picasa folder that I am currently too shy to post.

Chris loves it but I still need to warm up to it a bit.

and hey, as my hairstylist says..."it's only semi-permanent can always go lighter again, although it may take a few (gulp) months."

{sorry about the Britney reference. Chris and I are strangely fascinated by her downfall.}


Backmans said...

Stop with the insecurity, IT'S HOT! I hope you take care of it so it won't wash out! It's an awesome color, especially on you! By the way, self confidence is sexy!

Outdoors with Aaron said...

I'm dying here, please post picture!!!!!!!!!!!