Saturday, March 1, 2008


Amy, Kailee, and I have been friends probably since Gerbauds were in style (at least that long for Amy. Kailee may have not entered my life until sometime circa our plaid flannel shirt/Dr. Martin wearing days.) Both of these girls are mamas now, and this weekend us girls and our husbands got together for the first ever childless date night since Amy's Izzy was born in July '06. It was very refreshing for all.


Outdoors with Aaron said...

good post. :)

Courtney said...

You all look so good, Amy, you and Kailee, it is so good to see all of you...if you ever get a chance tell those girls hi for me!

PS. I bet your hair is darling can get away with anything!

Emily Snow said...

fun, i haven't seen you girls forever. sounds like a good time. maybe i should go brunette? i'm not brave enough. i bet it looks awesome.