Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I got this idea from Ashley's blog, and many others I've seen. This is my rendition... I like this idea for posts because it keeps you aware of the great things in life that happen each day...and that are so easily taken for granted.

Here is my list of highlights for this week...and hey the week's not over yet!

*Having Monday off!
* Waking up to 13+ inches of snow!!
* Not being intimidated by skiing in massive amounts of powder for the first time, thanks to these bad boys-too bad they were only rentals.
* Ruby showing signs that the obedience training class is paying off
* Getting Chris' MRI back and finding out he won't need knee surgery
* Having dinner ready when Chris got home from school, for once
* Having a job I quite enjoy...and then forgetting all about work once I get home
* The one kind driver who let me pull in front of her when I was running extremely late
* Getting an email from an old friend


Courtney said...

I love this post...thanks for sharing all of those things....

PS. I did get your "tag" post...I really hate those so it really has nothing to do with you I just hate doing of these days I will for everyone who has ever tagged me. Thanks for thinking of me though.
I am glad you have this blog, I love finding out about your life!

Catherine said...

Hey Sisterbear I liked your highlights of the week. It is fun to look at what you have been up to

brandon & alisa said...

I like this idea! I'll have to give it a try...

Ashley said...

Love your list! Dinner was so much fun on Friday - we'll have to go back and hopefully we'll get that same cute waitress. I still can't believe our wait was so short!!