Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Highlights of this Week I used to do these posts and I am going to try and get back in the habit. Like many, I'm sure, (I hope) I find life as a mom to be totally crazy much of the time, and if I don't stop and remind myself how lucky I am, and that I spent many a year looking forward to "arriving" here- I find myself focusing on the stressful things and not on the wonderful things. So here goes...

* Today's beautiful weather and the scenic mountains. Living in Michigan taught me that not only do I love the mountains, I REQUIRE them to feel at home, at peace...and also as a frame of reference because I have zero sense of direction. And I do mean zero.

* A very friendly neighbor who invited me to playgroup with the other neighbor/ward moms and kids even though my kid is not yet of playing age. I think she sensed that I needed to get out of my house.

* A wonderfully working dishwasher. Never had one until now.

* A very hot, very long shower during Lily's nap.

* A tantrum-free jaunt through IKEA.

* Christmas stuff hitting the shelves and the way it makes me giggle with delight.

* And a very well-timed call and a great conversation with a wonderful friend.