Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Quick update--We have been extremely busy and I intend to upload pics and such in the near future when life calms down a little. But just so I can shake my guilt for neglecting our blog for so long-here is a brief update:

All of us:

We are under contract on a house in Salt Lake in the Canyon Rim area. We close in a few days and are thrilled to be basement dwellers no more!!


What started out about a year ago as an idea, a dream (a pipe dream, or so I thought) has become a reality--He and his business partners got funded and they now have a full-blown, fully operating business. His company deals with the land remediation industry, primarily with oil spill cleanups. It has been an amazing blessing and we are so grateful for the opportunity that he has to get paid to do something he is passionate about (which is to start and grow businesses--not clean up oil spills.)


Sarah spends her days corralling (sp?) animals and playing peek-a-bo and doing everything with one hand. Her other hand is usually busy toting around an adorable, but demanding little one. I may or may not have mentioned that I quit my job and have been loving being a housewife, although I feel like I am more of a full-time baby carrier rather than a person who actually gets anything done around the house. How do some nice Lynn Wilson burritos sound for dinner, Honey?


Lily is almost 6 months old and is full of personality. She is rolling all over the place and eating solids and "talking" up a storm. She loves to play in her doorway jumper and she loves walks in the baby bjorn. She still insists on "hanging out" with me around 1:00 am and 4:00 am each morning and I am much looking forward to a full night's sleep at some point.


Ruby had an acl replacement surgery for her knee a few weeks ago and we spend much time going on walks and doing an elaborate physical therapy regimen with her. She is so light and agile that we have had a hard time getting her to actually use and strengthen her knee. She can get around on three legs like you wouldn't believe.


What? Who's Rex you ask? Well we thought that we didn't have enough going on with starting a company, and moving, and hauling babies around, and recuperating Ruby--so what better time than to adopt another dog?? Rex is a two-year old black lab mix that we rescued. He spent his first night at our house smack in the middle of our bed. He is a big sweetie and he gets along great with Ruby . We always said that when we got a house that we would need to get Ruby a friend, but we figured why not rescue a fully trained dog instead of dealing with those first few nightmarish weeks of having a puppy. We will post pics of him soon.


Ashley said...

I'm so thrilled for you guys with everything that is going on. And I want to go a girls movie asap. There are so many I want to see right now. We also can't wait to meet Rex.

Aaron & Amy Norton said...

Do you wear the bjorn around the house? I used to do that with izzy so I could use 2 hands...but maybe you've tried? Just a me, I'll be having a similar post in a few months-or maybe I can train Izzy to wear the bjorn with baby in tote? Hm.....

kat said...

congrats on the house! Things sound like they are going well. I can't wait to see you when I'm in Utah next month.

Joan said...

wow, you guys are busy!! I would love to see pics of your house....Congrats! and, Rex, and, of course, all of you guys.

JCCB said...

Shame on me for taking so long to read this awesome update. I'm glad life is treating you all so well - if not for being busy, at least for the joy of babies and doggies! Keep the pics and updates comin' love you guys!

The Prestons said...

Fun update! It was SO great to see you yesterday. Thank you so much for stopping by and bringing me yummy pumpkins. I think about you every time they start putting them on the shelves. What great memories we have!