Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Easter Lily

It has been a long time since I have posted or even taken pictures of our Lil' Lily. Life as a mom is totally crazy!!! I am in awe of people who have more than one child...seriously! Lily is plagued with acid reflux and the poor thing is on two medications for it. We hope they start working soon, although getting an infant to swallow yucky liquid medicine or rubbing a pill on the inside of her cheek until it dissolves seems like a futile endeavor...not to mention that it just seems down right cruel! The first few weeks have been crazy with lots of ups and downs. I'll just sum things up by saying that after six weeks I think we finally have the hang of nursing and Lily's weight is finally on the up and up. Our peanut weighs a whopping 8 pounds 1 ounce now! We have just decided that she will probably grow up to be a delicate little flower, as her name suggests. In any case, parenthood has totally rocked our world. I honestly can't even remember what life was like six weeks ago, but she has filled our home with so much joy and love and we are so so grateful for our sweet girl. Here are some Easter pics.



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Katie said...

What a beautiful little family you guys have! Lily is little and cute!
Isn't motherhood so much fun? Even after all that hard stuff, I love the cuddling part, the smiles, the hiccups, dressing them up, and so much more!
Aww, we miss you guys!

Aaron & Amy Norton said...

sweetie! i'm glad she has some medicine! she looks so tiny! good for you for taking pictures while she's so small! miss you!

Steenbliks said...

She is gorgeous! Hang in there, sorry to hear about the reflux. I know about feeling like your being cruel. Liam would not poop on his own and we had to give him suppositories when he was only days old. I was convinced I was scaring him for life. Goodluck!

kat said...

There she goes making those funny faces again. It was fun to see you guys last weekend. Good luck with the acid reflux!