Thursday, October 23, 2008

What will it be?

We find out what we are having tommorow!!

I am almost certain that it's a boy...I'm not sure why

It could be that every time I tell someone that I haven't been sick at all they go on and on and on about how they puked their guts out with all their girls and had smooth sailing with their boys...although I must say that my mom was never sick with me, and my grandma had four girls and wasn't sick once with any of them...

It could be that I have an easier time thinking of girl names and I can all around just picture a baby girl I figure it must be a boy

Either way we will be thrilled!!!

Oh and can I just tell you that we could've known last Tuesday!?! I originally scheduled my ultrasound for Tuesday, but Chris "couldn't come" because he couldn't "miss class" so I changed it to Friday...then last Tuesday rolls around and Chris was driving me to Trax and he hadn't showered or anything and I was like "you're going to school like that?" and he was like "oh I don't have that class ended last week." I about died!

Anyway if you are one of the 3 or 4 people that read our blog, and if you read this post before tomorrow I'd love to hear your predictions!


Eneli said...

Hi Sarah! I predict a .........gorgeous baby! Good luck!

kat said...

I think it will be a girl. Our generation of our family was mostly boys and now Will and Whitney are have mostly girls, so I thinks it's a girl generation. I'm so excited to find out!

Aaron & Amy Norton said...

in utah terms...i'm so friggin excited for you guys!!!!!!!!! girls rock!!! (and cry a lot)

but seriously, i know you don't believe me, but i already have your gift-bought specifically for you years ago, in hopes you'd have a girl!