Sunday, February 3, 2008


I am actually not too proud to pay homage to Diet Coke with this picture, since it is my one vice that I am trying (kind of) to rid myself of...but I do love the stuff so here goes...
* Diet Coke from the fountain, with just the right amount of ice
* Reconnecting with some Delta Gamma pledge was so fun to see you all!!
* Date night to the temple
* The way Ruby "talks" to me when she wants to go on a walk
* Dinner and a movie with friends
* Somehow not getting the nasty flu bug while nursing my poor husband back to health (cross my fingers)


Emily Snow said...

hey, its been a long long time. i saw you had posted on suz's blog and had to say hello. so, where are you living? its fun to check out your blog and see what's going on? i don't have a blog, but facebook. are you on there? i should search. anyway, how the heck are you? i heard forever ago and saw the obituary for your uncle val and was so sad to hear about him. i hope kate and everyone are doing well. anyway, i am expecting my 3rd boy in about 2 months, so am eagerly awaiting his safe arrival and an end to pregnancy! we are in the process of selling and moving, but live up north in syracuse, moving to famrington. that is a quick update. i'd love to hear from you. my email is

i will check for you on facebook too.
emily evans snow

The Prestons said...

I can totally relate to the "just right amount of ice" in a fountain drink. Even though I rarely get one, it's got to be perfect when I do! It was really fun to see you the other night. We'll have to keep it up!