Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yet More Family Pictures

Many of you don't know my dad's side of my family. This picture was actually taken last year but I felt that I needed a post featuring these very important people in my life... (Pictured: Chris and me, my dad, his wife Tammy, her sons Kurt and Trent, and my sisters Rachel and Lindsey. Not pictured: dogs, Sandy, Tessie and Ruby.)
Chris and I are heading to Atlanta, Georgia on the 26th to see them and can't wait!!


Amy said...

what a treasure to have this picture! you look beautiful, and happy!!!!!

Courtney said...

okay so I knew you all that time and you were one of my best friends and I swear I did not know that you had this whole other family....other sisters? either i was a really bad friend or I just was a really bad listener:) You look so great and so happy and your family is darling! your sisters look a lot like you, all beautiful like you.

Sarah said...

To Courtney,

Yeah a lot of people don't know that I have sisters from my dad's
2nd marriage. They are actually quite a bit younger than I- although you can't really tell from the picture. Rachel, the brunette is only 17 (yikes!), and Lindsey is 19. I guess that the older you get the smaller the age gap seems.